Tips on Choosing the Right Shoes for the Occasion


choosing the right shoes

Getting tips on choosing the right shoes for the occasion can make all the difference in terms of avoiding embarrassment or creating the right impression. Many people don’t think that anyone is going to notice their feet, but this is usually not the case. All parts of an ensemble matter, and shoes can be an important part of any ensemble. People should know about the practical demands of a particular occasion as well as the background details.

For one thing, it is important to know about the physical demands of a particular occasion. Wearing high heels is popular, but it is possible that the occasion in question is just going to involve too much walking for that to work. People who wear high heels are often going to have to weigh the consequences of wearing them against the fact that high heels are often regarded as fashionable.

High heels can make someone feel overdressed in a more casual environment, of course. If it’s a formal occasion where people are going to spend most of the occasion sitting, then high heels can be great. It it’s an occasion that requires a lot of walking, particularly on inclines, and there will be lots of standing, it’s probably a good idea to get stylish flats instead. There is no real stigma against wearing flats, and people should never feel as if they have to wear high heels.

While going to the theater or a very formal occasion that involves a lot of sitting, it is generally more appropriate to wear high heels. However, it should be noted that heels that are more than two inches high are generally going to be considered more appropriate for a night club environment than a formal occasion like going to the theater or the opera. High heels can be elegant or they can be vulgar, and the taller they are, the more vulgar they are generally going to appear.

red shoesColor is important when it comes to shoes. Wearing colorful shoes is generally not a good idea in a location where there will be lots of outdoor walking. Black shoes have become popular for a reason. They’re usually going to be fine in all environments and all occasions. Red shoes or similarly colored shoes are more resilient than white ones, of course. White shoes are only a good idea for occasions that are going to be entirely indoor events without a great deal of outdoor walking in muddy environments.

Some shoes are versatile enough that they’re still going to look decent in most occasions. Flats that are reasonably stylish will usually not look out of place regardless of the occasion. It’s often a good idea to have shoes like that on hand, because you’re not always going to know all of the details of the occasion. When in doubt, just choose a pair of shoes like that. There are shoes that will look just as good at a wedding as they will at a barbecue, and those are the best ones to keep on hand.

It should be noted that even at events like barbecues, it is still not a good idea to wear the sloppiest shoes possible. Running shoes and boots are still not ideal for these events. It’s a good idea to choose shoes that are going to offer more support at events like these, of course. There are plenty of dress shoes that can offer that effect, complementing any casual but stylish outfit while still making it easier to stand for long periods of time.

Wedged shoes work well as a sort of intermediary choice between high heels and flats. They offer sturdy heels that are going to provide the support that most people would need in order to get through events in the first place. Wedged shoes still look nice and they’re not going to make anyone feel out of place, often even at the more formal events. Choosing the right shoes for the occasion is partly about comfort, partly about the appearance of the shoes, and partly about the impression that the shoes might strike. Getting all of those details right is often easier than a lot of people think, and plenty of shoes already work for multiple occasions.